Risque Cosplay Contest

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Anime Blast Chattanooga Risque Cosplay Contest Rules:

  1. Attendees must have an Anime Blast badge and a valid ID. Attendees must be 18 years of age or older to compete. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. No nudity allowed. This is risque, it does not mean completely nude. We must follow TN law, and convention space rules. Ladies, please make sure to cover all private areas, and nipples cannot be seen. Gents, private areas please. ANY violation of these rules will forfeit your place in the contest.
  3. Forms for the Risque Cosplay Competition can be found at the bottom of this form, and at-con signups can be done at the Akaicon booth. We will have a representative at the Akaicon booth to sign you up and get your music. The best way to secure your spot is to sign up before the convention. All music must be sent to Programming@Akaicon.com  for pre-con signups.
  4. Music must be brought to us for use on a usb drive in Mp3 format (other files accepted: AAC, FLAC, or WAV). No phones, cds, or ipods will be accepted. Once again, for pre-con signups, all music must be sent to Programming@Akaicon.com.
  5. Contestants must show up 1 hour before the contest time so we can check everything and get you set up. We will line everyone up and give another run down of the official rules and answer any questions you may have.
  6. No photography will be allowed at this event. (THIS INCLUDES CON PRESS)
  7. Everything you bring on stage MUST LEAVE WITH YOU. Please do not spread glitter, confetti, sticky substances, or anything else that might make a mess.  We will have someone grabbing any clothes that are shed, and they will be given back to you at the end of your performance.
  8. No flashbombs, fire effects, projectiles, or anything of this nature are allowed.
  9. The judges will be given your forms, and will judge your performance based on certain categories. Remember.. this is an amaetur contest. Any “professionals” or members of staff may perform a number, but are not allowed to compete for prizes.
  10. Any sort of harassment at anytime will NOT be allowed. Any breaking of this rule will forfeit your chance to compete and you will be subject to the Anime Blast rules and regulations regarding this, up to the removal of your badge.
  11. And most importantly, let’s have some fun with this!!!
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