Anime Blast Chattanooga

Robbie Daymond

Robbie Daymond is a Native-American Voice Artist, Actor, and Performer based in Los Angeles. He works in traditional animation, Anime, commercials, film, television, audiobooks and videogames for companies such as: Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, NBC, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, Bang Zoom!, Lucas Films, Activision, Square Enix, Volition Games, Studiopolis, VIZ, Aniplex, SyFy, Random House and many more.

After booking his first major Anime role in 2014 as Tuxedo Mask in “Sailor Moon”, he has had the opportunity to act in several other Anime series including; “One Punch Man” as Mumen Rider, “Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans” (both now airing on Toonami), “The Seven Deadly Sins”, “Naruto Shippuden”, “Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works”, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, “Sword Art Online 2”, “Durararax2”, “Lupin the 3rd”, “Aldnoah Zero”, “Your Lie in April”, “Glitter Force”, “Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals”, & continues to reprise his role of Mamoru in “Sailor Moon Crystal”. There are also a few others coming that he can’t mention quite yet…

Robbie currently stars as the series lead in two shows on Nickelodeon: “Breadwinners” and “Get Blake.” He has guest-starred on such shows as: “Star Wars Rebels”, “Avengers Assemble”, “Transformers: Rescue Bots”, “Ever After High”, “Little People” and “The Tom & Jerry Show”. He has also voiced characters in several feature films, including Toneri Otsutsuki in “Naruto the Last”, Porta in “Patema Inverted”, Lino is “Gundam the Origin III” and the Fairy Cronies in “Strange Magic”, among others. Robbie can also be heard in videogames such as TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan as Michelangelo, Tales of Zestiria as Sorey, Final Fantasy Type-0, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Division, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lego Marvel’s Avengers, The Lego Movie Videogame, Technomancer, Masquerada, Aion, Stella Glow, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Grand Chase, Skyforge, Forbidden Magna, Lineage 2, Etrian Odyssey Untold II, Blade & Soul, Fairy Fencer F, Goro Akechi in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5,  Prompto from Final Fantasy XV, and more!

Chris Patton

Chris Patton head shot

Chris Patton has been Voice Acting for 18 years. His credits include over 250 Anime titles, including projects for ADV Films, Funimation Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, Okratron 5000, and more.

Credits include: Fullmetal Alchemist (Greed), Soul Eater (Asura) Akame Ga Kill (Run), Diabolik Lovers (Ayato), Hamatora (Moral), Skip Beat! (Ogata), Full Metal Panic (Sousuke Sagara), Ghost Stories (Hajime), Dimension W (Haruka Seameyer), The Wallflower (Ranmaru), Cross Ange (Embryo), the recently announced Drifters (Abe No Seimi) and Aoharu X Machinegun (Toru), and many more.

In the world of video games, he can be heard as the lead character Asahi in the upcoming Akiba’s Beat, Turles in Dragonball Xenoverse 2, and as Turles in the entire Dragonball Z franchise.

Chris has also narrated over 150 Audiobooks, including the novelizations of Guardians of the Galaxy, and Tron: Legacy.

In the world of live theatre, Chris has been in over 60 shows, and now works as a theatrical director, having recently directed the regional premiere of Green Day’s American Idiot, the Houston premiere of Silence! The Musical, and the world premiere of a live workshop adaptation of The Moody Blues’ Days of Future Passed.

Allyssa Lewis

Allyssa Lewis

Animator, Recruiter and Consultant Allyssa A Lewis, although born in Brooklyn, New York, has spent the last two decades expanding her creative reach in Atlanta, Georgia, where she uses her BFA in animation from Savannah College of Art Design – Atlanta toward experimental animation and mixed media illustration. Most noted for her animation on over 75 episodes and promos of FX’s Emmy winning series “Archer”, she has also produced content for NBC’s “30 Rock”, i am OTHER, Animation Domination, ComicCon San Diego, and Captain Planet’s Planeteer Movement.

As the Founder and Executive Director of the animation resource and staffing agency, My Animation Life (MAL), she primarily focuses on the career placement and portfolio enhancement of artist within animation-related industries. Creating Georgia’s most inclusive animation map and calendar are just a couple of the popular assets MAL provides to strengthen Georgia’s animation industry. Lewis also is the Animation Director of re:imagine/ATL where she develops media projects with diverse teams to expand the boundaries of creation and encourage industry equality, and sits on the Advisory Board of ASIFA South, one of the largest animation societies in the southeastern United States.

Go Big or Go Home Cosplay

Go Big or Go Home Cosplay

Contestant on Cosplay Melee – SyFy’s new cosplay competition show. Best use of Technology and Favorite Social Media Vote at Dragon*con 2016, Professional Division. Best in Show Journeyman Momocon 2015. Member at Geekspace Gwinnett, maker space.

Emily Schmidt, also known as Go Big or Go Home Cosplay, is from Atlanta, Georgia. She likes to make costumes and props in her free time. She has been cosplaying for a little over two years and loves the cosplay community. She feels it is a great place to make friends and learn new crafting techniques. Emily enjoys making armor for strong independent female characters. When making her costumes she primarily uses thermoplastics and EVA foam. One of the things that she most enjoys includes teaching classes at her local makerspace, Geekspace Gwinnett. Emily has won awards for Craftsmanship Competitions in the Journeyman and Master levels at local conventions, including Dragon*con. Over the holiday she had the opportunity to work on a commission for Hi-Rez Studios along side Blue Whale Studios Inc. Her most recent accomplishment includes competing on Cosplay Melee, SyFy’s new cosplay competition show. As an artist, she is exploring more opportunities to work on commission builds and pursue work with others in the community.

Anime Blast is Dog friendly!

Our venue, the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo, is dog friendly! 😀 So if you’d like to dress your dog up and bring him by please do.

Here’s a photo of Flynn Rider at least year’s Anime Blast in his Ein (Cowboy Bebop) cosplay! Taken by one of our wonderful guests: Amanda Swanson Photography.


If you’re wanting to keep your dog in your hotel room, here’s the hotel policy.

The Chattanooga Choo Choo welcomes two pets up to 50 lbs for an additional fee of $50 per stay. Pets must be crated when left unattended in rooms.

Jordan Neidert – 00GundamreviewsV2

Gunpla Artist – Best small scale NYCC GBWC division 2015, Best small scale NYCC GBWC division 2016, Best small scale/ 2nd place award winner at NYCC GBWC division 2017
Small Scale Artist, YouTube creator, Team Helios member.

Jordan Neidert also known as ‘ED’ in the Gunpla community is a 23 year old, small scale modeling artist hailing from upstate NY and is currently residing in Bucks County Pennsylvania. While Jordan builds Gunpla of all types, his forte resides in the 1/144 Scale, mainly creating weathered and battle damaged pieces. Jordan has work on display in several stores in the Tri-state area including Image Anime located in New York City and Gundam Planet in New Jersey, and soon to be in a store in the Philippines. He has won awards consistently at New York Comic-Con the past three years for best small scale in the Gunpla Builders World Cup competition. While modeling and persisting to improve his skill is one of his main priorities, his main goal is to spread the love and knowledge of gunpla to as many as he can reach to continue growing the hobby he adores so much.


Veenacos is a rising young cosplayer who has always had a passion for nerd culture and the arts. She attended her first convention in 2012, but did not begin cosplaying until 2015. Pretty soon, she discovered a passion for crafting her cosplays from scratch. She started attending many conventions in the south east where she hangs out with her friends, has photoshoots, competes in costuming contests, and as of recently, is occasionally a cosplay guest. She has also started modeling and hopes to expand her horizons in cosplay and modeling professionally.

Cosplay Contest Rules

Anime Blast 2013 Cosplay Contest Winners

Anime Blast Chattanooga wants to honor the dedication fans put into bringing their favorite characters to life with our 2017 Costume Contest. We accept all genres of fandom from anime, movies, TV, video games, etc. both of eastern and western origins.

Times and Location

  • Application may be submitted online until November 8th at the following link:

Cosplay Contest Application

  • The weekend of the Convention applications must be submitted in person starting Saturday at 10am and continue till 2:30 pm outside the judging room. Space is limited and is on a strictly first come first served basis.
  • Judging is between is 11am Saturday morning until 3:00pm Saturday afternoon. When you submit your application, you will be assigned a time slot. You must arrive on time for judging or risk being dropped as a contestant. You must have your paperwork with you.
  • The costume showcase is at 6:30pm Saturday evening. You must arrive at 6pm outside the Main Events room for line-up.
  • To be eligible for an award you must participate in the showcase.


  • Everyone participating in Anime Blast Chattanooga Costume Contest must have a badge.
  • Costumes and props must adhere to Anime Blast’s rules and weapons policy.
  • Contestants who wish to compete must have made a 60% or more of their costume. It is acceptable for contestants at Novice and Journeyman Levels to include some bought items, but it is expected that they be altered significantly from their original state. Contestants competing at Masters Level should strive for 80% or more of their costume being handcrafted.
  • The Closet Cosplay category is for anyone who has bought, commissioned or made less than 60% of their costume. They will be judged on the overall look of their costume, how closely they resemble their character, and not on craftsmanship. Limited to one entry per contestant in this category. Also, the contestant is not eligible to compete in any other category. Contestants must also fill out the application form and submit a reference photo  either online or on Saturday during the registration time.
  • A contestant may have another person model their costume, but the contestant must be present for judging.
  • Contestants who have large or complicated costumes or who are children are allowed to have one handler/parent backstage and onstage. No one else will be allowed backstage without prior approval.
  • Anyone who is found cheating or misrepresenting work they claim to be their own will be disqualified.
  • Contestants who have previously won a major award for a costume may not re-enter it unless pre-approved by the Cosplay Contest Director. Example: the contestant has won Best Novice at another convention and wishes to enter the Journeyman category at Anime Blast.
  • This is not a skit competition. Contestants will not be allowed to act or say anything on stage. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Participants who are unruly will also be disqualified. Contestants will be briefed on appropriate stage etiquette during lineup.
  • Areas the judges will be considering (but not limited to): accuracy, construction, choice and quality of materials, durability, and properly fitted/tailored garments. Please be prepared to have the judges examine and touch your costume and/or props.
  • The judges reserve the right to move a Novice or Journeyman up a level at their discretion. They also reserve the right to move a contestant out of a group/duo and give that contestant an individual award or to give a group/duo one of the individual awards.
  • Reference pictures are required. Work in progress pictures are not required but strongly recommended. The reference pictures cannot be of fan art unless you are competing in the Fan Art category. Original Design contestants do not have to bring a reference photo but progress pictures are strongly recommended.
  • A contestant who wants to compete in one costume but wear another costume as Exhibition during the showcase may do so as long as they have notified the Cosplay Contest Staff prior to 12pm on the day of the contest.
  • Any special accommodations or requests should be directed to the Cosplay Contest Director. If possible, accommodations will be made for those who need it.


Awards and Categories:


  • The Exhibition category is for people who have purchased or commissioned their costume. Participants will be allowed to walk on stage in the showcase but will not be eligible for an award.

Closet Cosplay

  •  Closet Cosplay category is for participants who have either created less than 60% of their costume or have purchased/commissioned it.
  • There is a first, second and third prize available for contestants in this category.
  • Areas the judges will be considering (but not limited to): attention to detail (hair style, makeup, clothing choice etc.), how in character the contestant is, and the overall quality of the contestant costume/props.


  • For children under the age of 15. Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • There are craftsmanship and not-craftsmanship awards available for all children who enter.

Fan Art or Original Design

  • This award is for contestants of all skill levels who have created a costume for their character that is not canonical to the series or is of their own original design.
  • Examples of Fan Art: formal wear version of a character’s costume, crossover designs, and pre-existing fan art designs created by another person/third party.
  • Examples of Original Design: fantasy, sci-fi, and steam punk inspired creations.
  • Participants in this category must still adhere to the 60% rule.

Prop or Armor

  • The Best Prop or Armor will be award to a contestant who exhibits superior craftsmanship in prop and/or armor making.
  • The rest of the costume must still abide by the 60% rule (some leniency will be given here since prop making is a different set of skill from sewing.)
  • Must be the corresponding costume for the prop.


  • The Group/Pair award is intended for two or more contestants of any skill level. The costumes must be from the same fandom.


  • This award is for contestants who have shown exceptional skill in wig styling and/or makeup & special effects makeup

Judges Choice

  • Each judge will award a contestant that is their personal favorite.

Skill Division


  • The Novice award is intended for costumers with little to no prior experience making costumes.
  • Must not have won “Best Novice” or a title of that same caliber or above at any other costume competition.


  • The Journeyman award is intended for people with some experience making costumes or who have a few awards for costumes.
  • Must not have won “Best Journeyman” or a title of that same caliber or above at any other costume competition more than 3 times.


  • The Master award is intended for skilled costumers with lots of experience and several awards.
  • Anyone who wishes to join this level may do so.

Night Sabers

Remember when musician bios used to matter?  Yea, we don’t remember that time very well either, but you’re reading this so we’ll tell you the truth about a band known as Night Sabers.

We’re the greatest band of all time.  That’s a fact so just don’t even try to argue with us.  We play nerd pop music about video games, anime, and comic books.  Imagine if Tom Petty and Debbie Harry played too much NES growing up and your starting to get an idea.  Also, one of us is from another planet, and one us really likes tacos.  Actually, both of us really like tacos, but one of us is from somewhere else.  One of us is a girl, and one of us is a boy.  That’s another fun fact that might help you win a contest one day.

Anyway, we like to put on exciting live shows so that’s something you probably shouldn’t miss.  Music should be unpredictable, rules are meant to be broken, and pop music doesn’t have to be horrible.  Check us out when we’re in your town, and we’ll make sure you have the greatest night of your life.

Night Sabers’ debut EP, “Volume One,” is out now on Lack of Talent Records.




Josh Duart, aka Thranduart, started officially cosplaying in 2013, but has been playing dress up and working with makeup for roughly 14 years. Debuting into the official con scene with his Thranduil cosplay from The Hobbit movies, Josh quickly made a name for himself. He’s produced a cosplay music video (and plans to do more!), has a line of parody t-shirts available on Redbubble and his Storenvy, and loves iced coffee more than life itself. While he takes the craft seriously when making his costumes, he never takes himself too seriously and loves the chance to crack a joke and bring a smile to someone’s face. He’s very excited about being a guest for Anime Blast and is looking forward to seeing everyone there!