Cosplay Contest Rules

Anime Blast 2013 Cosplay Contest Winners

Anime Blast Chattanooga wants to honor the dedication fans put into bringing their favorite characters to life with our 2017 Costume Contest.

2017 Art Contest: Lucky 7 Winner

Many thanks to all of you who entered!  We had such great entries this year, you all made it quite a challenge for the judges.  It was a rough one, but our panel has chosen! Congratulations to rinkunokoisuru for your awesome winning entry!  You get to enjoy a free Artist Alley table, shirt and award.  But it doesn’t stop there!  in fact, we had such a challenge this year that we ended up with a special Honorable Mention!  Congratulations to Lyndarsia for nabbing that special spot!  As a special winning treat you also get a mini prize pack… Read More

2017 Art Contest: Lucky 7

  Welcome back to our 7th year for Anime Blast Chattanooga, artists!  Thank you all so much for continuing to support us!  We’re looking forward to an even better year this year, and look out, because this year: We have a theme! So get ready, because here are the entry rules for this year’s Lucky 7 Art  Contest! Submission In order to participate, simply submit your piece to the Anime Blast Art Contest Entries folder in our DeviantArt gallery or via email to Guidelines: *Please note, all specifications MUST be followed… Read More