About Us

Anime Blast Chattanooga is an anime con based in scenic Chattanooga, TN! Since 2011 Anime Blast Chattanooga has helped the local Chattanooga fandom expand, while also attracting fans from neighboring states and beyond to our fair city.

All our staffers and directors are anime fans ourselves, so we truly are a con by the fans for the fans. To further that ideal we strive to keep an open dialogue with fellow fans so we can truly make Anime Blast Chattanooga the con they want to see.

We’re super excited for Anime Blast Chattanooga ’15, and we certainly hope you are too!

13 Comments on “About Us

  1. What if I only want to attend two days? Do you always have tickets available at the door?

  2. What events can we expect from this con, other than cosplay contests and the Maid/Butler cafes?
    Do you have a Saturday night dance? Will there be anime screenings?
    When will you have a tab that lists the kind of things for attendees to expect? With how close to con it’s getting, it would be nice to know what kind of panels and events are in store.

    • Totally appreciate your frustration. We’re trying to get the schedule posted ASAP.

      Good news is I can answer some of these questions. Currently our dance is on Friday. Eyeshine’s concert is Saturday evening. All our guests will have panels on Saturday, and the voice actor guests will have autograph panels for sure on Saturday and Sunday.

      We will have an anime viewing room with many new series to highlight courtesy of Crunchyroll. We have an AMV contest as well, which has generally been on Saturday.

      Our cosplay guest in particular will be hosting a bevy of panels of all sorts throughout the whole weekend. We’ll also have a video game room as well as table top gaming in another room.

      So indeed I’m afraid we don’t have the precise schedule online now, but that’s a few highlights and we hope to get it posted ASAP.

      • Fair enough. 🙂 You’ve pretty much answered the main things I was looking for anyway; I may only get to be there for a day or two and was trying to decide which it would be mostly based on the dance (while I enjoy anime cons as a whole, that’s my absolute favorite part, honestly~).

        Thank you for getting back so quickly.

  3. Hello! Newbie to the Comic Con world here, haha. I was just curious, I’ve searched the page but I could never really figure out if panels cost extra to attend >:?

    • Hello Karman! Good news is that paying your con pass will allow you to go to all panels/events for free. Our only exception is the Maid & Butler Cafe. the VIP reception (unless you purchased a VIP pass), and then video game tournaments will have a buy-in cost though there will be free to play games as well.

  4. So excited for anime blast! I am going to meet-up with some old pals of mine and that is absolutely exciting. I’ll be cosplay as Makoto Naegi from Danganronpa for sure.

    • Usually with trying to balance all the panels together and events we’re able to share a tentative version of the schedule soon and a more set version of the schedule in the 2 weeks leading up to the con. We aim to do that again this year. 🙂

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