Knox Cosplay Events Presents: Cosplay on Ice – Christmas in July


Our friends at Knox Cosplay Events are hosting a Cosplay on Ice: Christmas in July celebration on July 15th Sunday 1pm – 4pm!

Their annual cosplay on ice event will return to the same venue, Ice Chalet, located off Kingston Pike in Knoxville, TN.

An RSVP is required to attend the event. Please comment in the pinned thread on their Facebook event if you’d like to attend.

Event cost is $10 CASH at the event Sunday, prepay via Paypal until Midnight Saturday 7/14. Do not pay the cashier at the rink.

Cost includes admission, skate rental, and access to a warming room filled with drinks and snacks!

Cosplays need to be family friendly and safe to skate in, PER THE ICE CHALET DO NOT BRING PROPS OR WEAR ANY COSTUME THAT COULD RESULT IN A TRIPPING HAZARD (costumes with trailing fabric, costumes that have limited mobility etc). You are not required to wear a Christmas themed cosplay, but they are highly encouraged!

We hope you can all come out!

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