Anime Blast Chattanooga Update

“To our Anime Blast community, we have some exciting changes we are working on for the future of Anime Blast Chattanooga.

Unfortunately, and after much deliberation, we have decided that this will require us to postpone the con until 2019. In the meantime, we will support and host other smaller events this year, and we hope you join with us for those as we work to keep the anime community active and engaged in Chattanooga.

We also look forward to recruiting more volunteers and staff members, who can help build Anime Blast Chattanooga for 2019 and the future! Your voices matter, and if you’ve ever wanted to be heard and make a difference, now is the time.

So to those of you who were excited for a con this year from us we sincerely apologize; however, we hope to have your voice and your support as we work hard for the future of Anime Blast Chattanooga.

Lastly please check back on our site and social media as we promote the events we’ll be supporting and/or hosting this year, starting with GhibliFest 2018!” – Anime Blast Board of Directors

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