Anime Blast 2017 Schedule

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Panel Descriptions:

AniMini-Bite Size Anime

Anime has evolved in the last 10~ years and now features minisodes, shorts that fall under 15 minutes, often 5 and under. We’ll look at the best of various genres.

BTS of Photography

We talk to photographers and cosplayers about our experiences in the cosplay photography community, the do’s and don’ts. How to stay safe, and what goes into planning the perfect shot

Chattooine – Costuming for a Cause

Learn more about Chattanooga’s biggest charity costuming group, and how you can get involved in the community while having fun doing something you love!

Cosplay Sidekicks: The Benefits of Cosplaying Supporting Characters

Want to cosplay but don’t want to be the same as 20 other Cosplayers? You can pick a character that supports the main character that nobody else does.

Crack Ship Dating Game

Imagine if there was an inter-fandom speed dating event where characters from across the universes could meet, talk and possible set some ships to sail!

Fairy Tail: the Beginning of the End of an Era

Lets talk Fairy Tail. What is the best magic? Which guild would you choose. And maybe win some swag.

Fate/Anime Blast (Type-Moon Fan panel)

If you are a fan of Type-Moon’s works such as Fate/Stay Night or Tsukihime come join us for fun discussion about their works with the head of the southeast’s Fate/ cosplay community!

Fire Emblem: History of the Emblem

Do you love Fire Emblem? ever wonder where it all started? come join us for a retrospective of the entire franchise and a fun discussion with the host southeast’s Fire Emblem Cosplay community!

Fursuiting Exposed

Have you ever been curious about those folks in the animal costumes? Join us as we reveal why they do it, how the fursuits are made, and other fascinating facts about furries and the fursuiting world.

Going Live! The Art of Streaming!

Live streaming: the equipment, skills, and tricks of being an entertainer on camera.

Greggo’s Game Shows: Anime Press Your Luck

Get ready, it’s time for the game show with lots of Whammies and lots of Big Bucks!  Three players will answer questions to earn spins on our big board which is loaded with goodies, prizes and cash to spend in our prize coffers, but be careful!  There are also some Whammies that would love to take everything away!  Only the player with the most bucks at the end of the game gets to keep it all and maybe come back next year and do it again!

Greggo’s Game Shows: Blockbusters

This is a high-speed, high-strategy trivia game where a solo player competes against a family pair to prove whether two heads are really better than one!  The winning side wins a nice prize and moves on to our Gold Run bonus game for a shot at additional prizes!  There is a tryout for this game; be sure to check the schedule!

Greggo’s Game Shows: Face Off

Five players participate in a visual quiz, answering questions based on faces seen on our giant game board.  We eliminate a contestant each round until we get to the two competitors for our Final Face Off for a chance at the grand prize!  Do you know your anime faces?  This is the game for you!

Greggo’s Game Shows: Strikeout

Four teams of three play a game similar to Family Feud.  Surveys taken before the con result in a game board with twelve possible answers.  The object of the game is to find the top seven answers among the possible ones…finding one earns the team money.  Finding one of the five “strikeout” answers costs the team a member!  The surviving team advances to the next round and has a shot to win big!

Gundam: From Turn A to Zeta

A discussion of the history and future of the Gundam franchise.

How Sci-Fi Is Influencing Popular Media

We take an in-depth look at how Science Fiction is making a statement in popular culture and influencing writing.

Into Gensokyo: A Touhou Panel

Pass through the Great Hakurei Barrier into a land of Yokai. Join us for a panel on the phenomenon known as The Touhou Project!


Do you love Kpop or would like to see what it is all about? Come join us to watch kpop videos and talk about this fantastic world!

Make Your Own Gem With Jasper!

Become a Crystal Gem! Come and learn how to make Gems from different materials and leave with a gem of your own design in this interactive panel.

The Maze of Many: Presented by WalkmanEXE

Behold a wacky and zany Dungeons and Dragons adventure stating the cast of Number One ChattCast and Log Horizon Abridged!

Most Underrated Anime You’ve Never Heard Of

The most underrated anime you’ve never heard of: There are so many good anime out there that fly under the radar that deserve your attention, we’re going to talk about about them and hopefully you’ll leave with a few new shows added to your queue.

Shooting Creatively with Amanda Swanson

My Hero Academia: Get Quirky With It

Hero Academia panel for those brand new and current. Come by to learn all about those quirks.

Nihon-Go to Japan!

Does traveling around the world to the land of the rising sun seem impossible?? Join us to walk though tips, tricks, and general knowledge of how to get to Japan, and what to do once you’re there!

Nomi Ni Ikimashou !

Sasha in Lights and Coffee Bean are laying their reputations on the line to hash out some of their most embarrassing yet delightfully nerdy moments while under the influence. Just remember- one does not simply have one drink at a Game of Thrones premiere party.

Noragami Dating Game!!

Ever wanted to date a character from Noragami? Now, you can! Compete with fellow cosplayers to win the title of Wifu or Husbando.


Coffee Bean and Sasha In Lights want to talk about a fandom that doesn’t get mentioned very often in the light- HORROR! From movies to video games to books- we’re here to discuss the history of horror, why we love it, and what makes it great!

Otaku Going on Office Job!

You thought being a nerd in high school was hard? Wait until you have to explain to your co-workers why you skipped the company picnic! Join Sasha in Lights and Coffee Bean as we discuss how to keep it classy and professional while still getting to dress up like sexy cat girls and binge watching anime!

Positive cosplay with Lunarkitty

Body positivity in the Cosplay world loving yourself

RWBY Abridged Panel

Come join us as we discuss Dust to Dust Productions RWBY Abridged series and talk with some of the writers and voice actors about their roles in the show!

Sacred Made Secular-Religion For Otaku

Christianity, Judaism and Islam, among others, appear in anime and manga in one form or another. From symbolism, censorship, references to real religious figures and institutions as well as religious topics, we’ll look at how Japan portrays the West’s “exotic” religions in pop culture.

Scanlation Hell-Manga You Can’t Read Legally (Yet)

Lots of manga get picked up by the various publishers like Viz, Vertical and the like. But some have lots of potential and yet still remain untranslated except by the fans: we’ll talk about them and even how to encourage publishers to take them on.

Simulcasts vs Netflix and Amazon

Are the big guys hurting good anime? Come learn and discuss!

Tail Meat & Best Girl: a Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid panel

Come talk about the hottest new series of 2017. What you loved, what you didn’t, and why it needs a sequel. And maybe win some swag. 1 hour

Villains Against Humanity

A party game for horrible people, with horrible people. Villains and Villain cosplayers welcome!

Welcome to Arks: Phantasy Star Online 2

Come join the ARKS and save the universe! It’s the Phantasy Star Online 2 panel!

Why we suck and need to talk about it

This is an open discussion panel aimed at getting people to learn to disagree in a a civilized fashion in order to cut down on trolling online the community.


18+ (Must show ID and be 18+ to attend)

CardBattleFightStuff… For Adults! (18+)

Come on down to witness the showdown between the crew of RWBY Abridged and NumberOneChattCast! In an epic showdown of Cards Against Humanity who will be victorious!?

Ecchi-Half Frontal Hentai (18+)

Interested in 18+ material, but not quite to the point of hentai? If you want to be teased and not get everything at once, you’ll be more than satisfied.

Inhuman Obsession: Monster Girls and You (18+)

It’s that kind of panel, the one everyone warned you about. It’s time to take a look at some inhuman characters from eastern pop culture.

Monster Girl Quest: The Panel (18+)

Ever heard on Monster Girl Quest? No? Well stop on by and get immersed in the game that started the whole modern craze!

Speed Meeting (18+)

So you made it out the door and into the con, now you just need to make friends. Easy peasy! Or is it? Reduce your anxiety about making friends by joining us for a open but quick environment with curated topics that will allow you to chat freely and meet some peeps with similar interests!



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