Night Sabers

Remember when musician bios used to matter?  Yea, we don’t remember that time very well either, but you’re reading this so we’ll tell you the truth about a band known as Night Sabers.

We’re the greatest band of all time.  That’s a fact so just don’t even try to argue with us.  We play nerd pop music about video games, anime, and comic books.  Imagine if Tom Petty and Debbie Harry played too much NES growing up and your starting to get an idea.  Also, one of us is from another planet, and one us really likes tacos.  Actually, both of us really like tacos, but one of us is from somewhere else.  One of us is a girl, and one of us is a boy.  That’s another fun fact that might help you win a contest one day.

Anyway, we like to put on exciting live shows so that’s something you probably shouldn’t miss.  Music should be unpredictable, rules are meant to be broken, and pop music doesn’t have to be horrible.  Check us out when we’re in your town, and we’ll make sure you have the greatest night of your life.

Night Sabers’ debut EP, “Volume One,” is out now on Lack of Talent Records.



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