DJ Synaptic Flow

Hailing from the unlikely Chattanooga, TN, Brian Foster aka Synaptic Flow’s earliest musical influences varied, ranging from New Wave and Industrial to 70s pop. In the early 90s he became a fan of techno, house, trance, jungle and drum-n-bass. He became a constant fixture in the southestern US rave scene. Deep house, and the music of LTJ Bukem’s camp inspired Brian when he entered the studio. Dreamy, melodic, soulful electronic music emerged and manifested itself as Synaptic Flow. Synaptic’s debut album “Biotechnology”, released on Diskatopia Records, was a critical success and charted heavily on North American college radio. Other singles emerged on various records labels, demonstrating Brian’s diversity and scope of musical vision.

Brian considers himself a “drum and bass producer who also makes house.” Drum and bass is where he expresses his creativity the most, but deep house is the musical love of his heart. These days he’s aspiring to release intelligent dnb, deep house and deep techno tracks on some of his favorite netlabels. Brian also continues to make waves on the DJ scene, as he did with us last year at Anime Blast Chattanooga 2015!
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