Featured Artist: Leah Nelson

Leah is a self-taught artist and costumer from Chattanooga, TN. Beginning in the summer of 2009, she began building an online presence through her Etsy store, Geek OUTlet!, to supplement income due to the upcoming birth of her daughter later that year. Focusing on geek and video game inspired fashion and accessories, the popularity of that endeavor allowed her to stay at home full time, producing new items and costume accessories, and raising a little geek at the same time.

Over the past two years, the artistic drive to create new, unique jewelery and costume items brought her to become self- taught in the art of torch soldering, or brazing. Much of her down time is spent working with precious metals such as sliver to create geeky and space-themed pieces.

Always looking to incorporate old techniques and learning, some artistic endeavors allow her to mix media, such as using leather, wood, resin and silver to create new challenges and wearable art.

Geek OUTlet! (Store Link)


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