Vamp Valley Vixens

Formed in 2015, The Vamp Valley Vixens are Chattanooga’s number one cosplay burlesque show. They have spent the last two years bringing all your nerdy, geeky desires to life on stage. Now, they are returning to Anime Blast in grand titillating fashion. Last year’s performance was described by many pleased fans as “Over 9000,” but this year we promise to push that limit to Super Saiyan Hokage Fullbreak Dragon Slayer Moon Power Make Up levels. Get ready to stuff up some nose bleeds as Cammie Calamity, Jezebel Zuzu, Marti Martini , Lucky Johnson, Randy Knight, Beatrix Mouser, ,Medusa Foxtrot, and Eevee Galore bring your favorite characters to life in the sexiest show this side of Tokyo.

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