Costumer, Propmaker, Hairdresser, Tennessee native and real life anime hero, REIN does it all! As an avid cosplayer since 2012, REIN has picked up quite a few skills and always pushes his limits to potray his favorite characters the best he can. Ever since his first convention REIN has sought to learn as much as possible about cosplay from all over the world and asked as many questions as possible! With several awards and con experience in his inventory, REIN is here to show you everything he has learned! A Craftman turned Tailor, REIN is here to show you how to craft wicked costumes showcasing techniques you can’t find anywhere else. His costuming panels pull from his love of bodysuit crafting while Wig-Work panels pool from his career as a licensed Paul Mitchell stylist. With every panel, REIN aims to make sure you leave knowing at least one thing that you didn’t know before, you won’t have to worry about learning the same old tricks when you see this cosplayer. What started as a very silly hobby a few years ago has turned into a way of life for REIN. Don’t ever be afraid to say “Hi” either, the only thing he loves more than Cosplay is friends, especially if they are cosplayers!

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