2014 Registration Information

VIP (Limited Amt.):
– VIP passes give you access to all 3 days of the convention, early access to the dealer’s room, early seating for main events, an Anime Blast Chattanooga T-Shirt, 50% discount on Maid & Butler Cafe tickets, and priority access to autograph lines*.
– More benefits may be added at a later time.
– Cost: $50
– Deadline: Oct. 1st or Until Sold Out

Pre-Registration 3-Days: Phase 2
– Available: Until October 1st 11:59PM
– Cost: $30

Youth Registration (3-Day):

Kids ages 0-5 are free, 6-10 are $20 at-the-door and must be accompanied by a parent at all times who can purchase at-the-door a discounted pass of $20. 11-15 will be full price (so we recommend pre-registration), but we’ll have a waiver there for them to sign. This waiver will also help us get emergency contact info should we need it during the con.

At-Door Prices:
– $40 3-Day
– $30 2-Day
– $20 Saturday (1-Day)
– $15 Friday or Sunday (1-Day)

*Priority access provides placement in the beginning of the line up until signing begins.

Any pre-registration refunds will go to next year’s Anime Blast Chattanooga. Contact us  if you have any questions.

Click here to register for Anime Blast Chattanooga

  1. how much for children???

    • Great question. We’re updating that page now (or in just a moment ^_^), but essentially it’s 0-5 are free, 6-10 are $20 at the door and must be accompanied by a parent at all times who also gets a discounted pass of $20. 11-15 will be full price (so we recommend pre-registration), but we’ll have a waiver there for them to sign. This will also help us get emergency contact info should we need it during the con.

      VIP passes are separate from what’s written above, but they’re largely targeted towards an 11+ audience anyways.

  2. So if you buy a VIP pass, you get 50% off at the maid and butler cafe. Does that mean the $10 ticket is only $5 or do you pay for the ticket and the food is half off?

    • If you get a VIP pass you’ll receive a code (very soon actually) you can put forward to the Maid & Butler cafes. This will make it so you can buy 1 pass for each cafe, if you so choose to go to 1 or both, for $5. If we still have spots left by the con you can also pay in person, and we’d check your VIP pass and knock off 5$.

  3. What time does the con start each of the three days? That information may already be on the site, but I can’t seem to find it. Also, what are the rules on PDA at the con? Please be specific.

    • Hello Skylar! Our con activities start at least by 10 AM every day, though Saturday may have programming begin as early as 9AM depending on interest for scheduling at that time.

      In regards to PDA honestly I’ve never really seen explicit rules for such at other cons, perhaps since it is public by nature? Thus I’d recommend just use your best, most common sense approach to what you’d normally do in an environment such as a school, a mall, etc. We’re just as public in many ways as those are, and we strive to achieve family friendliness (apart from 18+ panels that ID at the door). Apologies for not being able to be clearer, but I hope that’s helped.

  4. what if you’re going only one day? can you preregister for 1 day? because I’ve only seen 3-day registration for all three days…

    • Pre-Registration is only open for 3-day passes; however, you can buy 1-day passes for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at the con as well as 2-Day passes for Fri/Sat, Sat/Sun, Fri/Sun at the con as well.

  5. Do you guys have Early Bird, and if so, when is it? If not, how do you go about grabbing up your badges if you pre-reg’d?

  6. Hello! I live on lookout mountain and am excited to discover this con coming so soon to my area! My question is regarding the passes. If i purchase a pass early (say i bought one right now) when would i be able to receive my badge? Would i pick it up at the con? Thanks for you time and i will see you there! (hopefully :3)

    • Well we’re happy to be here for you! :D Always exciting to have new fans form the area come to our con, so we certainly hope to see you at Anime Blast this year.

      In regards to your question if you pre-register you’ll receive an electronic print-out that you’ll need to bring to the con registration desk. We’ll trade that form out with a badge for you which will give you access to the full convention.

  7. Do I need to be worried about you guys selling out of tickets incase I buy them on the weekend of the convention at the convention?

    • No need to worry. ^_^ We only have a limited # of VIP tickets and Maid & Butler Cafe tickets. So if you want one of those we’d recommend pre-ordering them.

      If you are just looking at getting a 3-day pass for instance we encourage you to pre-register, as you’ll save $, but that’s not required. You can still buy
      3-day, 2-day, and 1-day passes at the con itself.

  8. What if you dont have a way to print the pass?

    • We’ll have a full list at the registration booth that will have everyone’s name that purchased a pass, so just make sure to bring a form of ID, like a driver’s license, and we can match you to the name. If you have a smart phone you can also bring that along with the e-mail opened up on the phone, though at minimum you should still make sure to have a legal form of ID.

  9. Hi I was wondering what I should do for getting my badge if I pre order but don’t have a printer to get the printout to bring to the con?

    • 1) Bring a photo ID like a drivers license 2) We’ll have your name on a list, though if by chance you have a smart phone there’s an Eventbrite app. you can use too to access your ticket.

  10. Do you have a schedule of events?

  11. Skylar Ratledge

    What day would you have the masquerade (if you have it) and what time?

    • Hey Skylar. If you mean the skit contest then I’m not sure that’s come together after all. :( Seems there were some unforeseen issues bringing it together, so I think they’re holding off till next year.

      In regards to the Costume Contest that will for sure be on Saturday. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

  12. How late can you get your badges on Friday night? We will not be there until 9:00 pm and didn’t know if we could still get our badges.

    • Last year we ran registration till 10PM on Friday night, though with a smaller # of staff due to of course the slower rush, so the plan is to be open till then again for Friday night.

  13. do you know when the schedule will be posted

  14. If we buy a 3 day pass that was pre reg then could we miss a day? Like for example I’m a student and I can’t go Friday after school but I can go Saturday and Sunday so would my pass be good if I used it only for two days?(Saturday and Sunday not Friday )

    • Hello Alexis. Yes if you buy a 3-day pass you can pick it up on any day and use it for any # of days. So if you can’t arrive Friday we’ll still have it waiting for you on Saturday, and then you can use it Saturday and Sunday.

  15. If I can buy a ticket on that day
    It would been nice! I hope to know if I can, hopefully soon

  16. Yes you can purchase a ticket on any of the 3 days of the con. You can buy a 3-day pass, a 2-day pass, or a 1-day pass too.

  17. Good news then as you are able to buy a pass at the con itself. ^_^ We sell 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day passes at the con.

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