Greggo’s Game Shows

GreggoASE2For the past sixteen years, Greg Wicker has traveled the world producing and hosting game show entertainment for fandom audiences and he shows no signs of slowing down! Make sure to check out Greggo’s Game Shows at Anime Blast this year! And for more be sure to check out his website at and his Youtube page:

Line ‘Em Up from Anime Blast Chattanooga 2014

Featured Panelist: Blue Bunni Cosplay

Princess Peach cosplayer riding on Go Kart

Photographer: Euphoria Cosplay Studios

Blue Bunni Cosplay (Lyndzy Lucchesi) has been bringing her favorite characters to life via cosplay since 2007. A jack of all trades (master of none) Bunni dabbles in all aspects of cosplay including using her costumes for the greater good! Bunni is the founder of a volunteer operated charity organization called Cause-Play Memphis, made up of like-minded cosplayers who dress up as beloved children’s characters and visit sick and disabled kids. She even has her own Therapy Dog named Samson who tags along, often in costume himself!

Follow her on Facebook:

Cosplay Documentary Application!

For our 5th year as a convention we felt we had to go really big! And not just with the con itself but also just with con related projects in general, and so after a fierce session of brainstorming it was decided that we’d make a cosplay documentary! The main focus of our documentary is to show the creation of one cosplay, Onion Knight from Final Fantasy Dissidia. We want a team of individuals to split up this project, each working on different parts of the cosplay. We will follow this team from planning, through the crafting, and to the reveal at Anime Blast 2015. If you’re interested in being a part of this team, please fill out our application!

Application Link

(Deadline to apply is August 15th)

Onion Knight

Onion Knight (Final Fantasy Dissidia)

2015 Art Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2015 Art Contest! We know we say this every year but you all gave us so many amazing submissions that the choice to pick just 1 was excruciatingly difficult. At last though we did make a decision, and so we’d like to congratulate Embirr! Embirr’s art work will be featured prominently at the con, and as well Embirr will receive a free Artist Alley table for 2015.

Embirr Contest Winner

We’d like to thank everyone who entered our contest! Again we appreciated each and every submission we received, and if you didn’t win today tomorrow check back as we’ll be posting our 2015 Artist Alley application form!

Selection of entries for 2015 contest:

2015 Art Contest Entries

2015 Anime Blast Chattanooga Art Contest!

Greeting Artists!

The time has come for our annual… Anime Blast Chattanooga Art Contest! Anime Blasts mascots, Blaze and Rockette have enjoyed their time here and are celebrating their fifth year in Chattanooga in style and they need your help. Do you have the skills and drive to make a beautiful celebratory cover for Blaze and Rockette’s 5th year in the Scenic City? I believe you do! Submit your cover for a chance at the grand prize Submission In order to participate, simply submit your piece to the Anime Blast Art Contest Entries folder in our DeviantArt gallery or via email to

Here’s what we require: *Please note, all specifications MUST be followed in order to be eligible for the prize. ENTRIES THAT DO NOT FOLLOW ALL SPECIFICATIONS WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR JUDGING.* Using the template provided (click here to download:…), we want you to design a cover for mascots Blaze and Rockette’s celebration for 2015!  It can be a parody of licensed material or a completely original take.  Restrictions to parody art include Disney, Disney-related companies such as Marvel and Lucasfilm, Homestuck, and any copyrighted logos or fonts.  These restricted licenses are not permitted in your entry. You are permitted to design your own costumes for the mascots in your artwork.  Multiple entries are permitted! Download and use the provided PSD template to submit your entry.  Artwork must adhere to guides outlined on the template.  Your artwork, whether digital or traditional media, must be 300 dpi, and it must be on its own layer.  You may submit a flattened image to your own portfolios, but you MUST submit to us the file with your artwork on a layer(s) separate from the elements on the template.

Prizes! The grand prize winner will receive a free Artist Alley table for Anime Blast Chattanooga 2015 including 2 Artist Alley badges, along with an Anime Blast Chattanooga 2015 t-shirt. Artist will also be permitted to sell prints of the winning piece if they so choose.  All participants will have their art featured on our website.  Entries may also be displayed in the program.

Deadline The contest will begin Saturday, July 2nd, 2015, and will be open for entries until July 20th, 2015.  No entries will be accepted outside of the above date range.  The winner will be announced both on the dA group site and the official Anime Blast Chattanooga Facebook page.  Website will also be updated with featured winner and participants. We’re Excited! Blaze and Rockette are excited!  Best of luck to all of you!

2014 Contest Entries

50% Dangerous

50%DangerousJ-Entertainment Duo Vedetta Marie and ScatterDOTFashion Entertainment group 50% DANGEROUS is comprised of Vedetta Marie and ScatterDOT to bring to conventions a unique blend of high end entertainment. Vedetta Marie a professional cosplayer, Fashion designer and entertainer is invited across the country to put on events with conventions that put the fun and entertainment back into the attendees hands with a range of things from crafting panels with demos, and dance panels that get the entire room moving. ScatterDOT a fashion designer, photographer and entertainer round out the duo to create a true J-Entertainment group that runs fashion shows, interactive workshop panels, modeling workshops and up to the minute information on Japanese music and fashion. Together these two create 50% DANGEROUS, an entertainment team that works together to bring the highest level of entertainment they can to each convention they are invited to with one key purpose always at the forefront, attendee fun!

Gearing Up for Anime Blast Chattanooga 2015!

We’re excitedly prepping away for Anime Blast 2015! So check back soon for updates, details, recap photos from 2014, and more!

Anime Blast & MomoCon Present: Chattanooga Cosplayers on Ice!


MomoCon, Atlanta’s family friendly gaming and animation convention, and Anime Blast
Chattanooga, Chattanooga’s Anime Convention, will be hosting Cosplayers on Ice,  costumed ice skating event with all sorts of colorful characters, at Ice on the Landing for fun on and off the ice on Saturday.

The photoshoot is free, but skating costs $10 (including skate rental). All costume types are welcome, and there will be opportunities for photography around the area.

“Cosplayers on Ice, part of our MomoCon on Tour, gives a great opportunity for cosplayers to gather together and have some casual fun while still showing off their winter cosplay,” said MomoCon cochair and founder, Jess Merriman. “Everyone from Spiderman to Master Chief from Halo, to anime characters, to Batman comes out for the event.”

Cosplayers on Ice will start at 3 p.m. and continue to 6 p.m. In addition to photography and skating there will be door prizes given away.

MomoCon is one of the fastest growing conventions in the United States. This year the convention, held May 28-31, will be moving to the Georgia World Congress Center.  With roots in the world of Anime, MomoCon has expanding its programming in recent years to include all cartoons, gaming, and comic books. To find more information about MomoCon, visit their website at

Anime Blast Chattanooga is an anime con based out of Chattanooga that started in 2011.  Since year one their goal has been to entertain, educate, and encourage the diverse array of fans in the area to band together and grow in their fandom. To find more information about Anime Blast Chattanooga, visit their website at


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