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GreggoASE2Greg Wicker (or “Greggo” as he’s fondly known) has been producing and hosting game shows at anime conventions since 1999, when he premiered Anime Match Game at Project A-Kon in Dallas. Since then, Greggo has done anime-themed versions of several classic game shows, created a few games of his own, and even had an original project that very nearly turned into an actual television show on Anime Network. These days Greggo is concentrating on perfecting his craft and making game shows available for conventions everywhere, bringing his rapier wit and friendly personality with him wherever he goes. You can see some of Greggo’s past game show efforts on his YouTube page at or visit his website at


SDFashionPromoScatterDOTFashion is a free online publication that follows conventions, subculture fashion movements, and cosplay. ScatterDOTFashion also produces fashion shows and other various events for the convention scene. ScatterDOT, the individual behind ScatterDOTFashion, is an entertainer and public figure who has been featured in fashion shows for various Japanese designers and dedicates his time to bringing the fun of fashion and modeling to the con scene. Determined not to do panels that simply talk to you, ScatterDOTFashion panels promise to be fun, energetic…probably loud, and maybe just a little obnoxious. ScatterDOTFashion is ultimately about you, and making you feel like a rock-star, so come have fun with us!

Keep up with ScatterDOT at:

Help Bring Battle Royale to Chattanooga!

We’re excited to be working with Tugg, Inc. to try and bring the Japanese film, and modern classic, Battle Royale to Chattanooga for a 1-night special theatrical event!

We need your help though because Tugg events, much like Kickstarter projects, will only happen if we get your pledged support ahead of the screening. In this case we need to pre-sell 78 tickets to make this event happen and we only have till early March to do so. If we don’t sell 78 tickets then this film event WILL NOT happen, so we definitely need your help to ensure we can host this one time event.

Beyond the reward of seeing an epic film in the theater though, we’ve also added a plethora of cool giveaway items that you’ll have the chance to win at the screening. These giveaways include: 10 Battle Royale posters uniquely created just for this screening, 2 copies of Battle Royale: The Complete Collection DVD, as well as 2 passes to our convention Anime Blast Chattanooga!

So we hope you come out and support not just us but also the chance to bring a great film to a Chattanooga theater for the first time ever!

Buy Your Ticket Now!

Farewell to Anime Blast 2013! Hello Anime Blast 2014!

Wow! We’re at 4 days post-con now and we’re still overwhelmed by the experience. The love and support you all showed us is immeasurable! On the other hand the attendance #’s we could indeed count and honestly they were stunning. Throughout the entire weekend we had 1,850 paid attendees pass through our doors!!! We were quite shocked on our first count; however, the tally kept coming out the same after checking 2 more times. So that’s it…thanks to your help we increased attendance by 268%!

Now the question in part is where do we go from here? Well we’ll be letting you know ASAP our 2014 dates; however, you can be thinking towards next year’s Anime Blast Chattanooga right now by letting us know what you liked, what you didn’t like, who you want to see as a guest, what events you’d like to see, and definitely be thinking about any panels you yourself might want to submit for Anime Blast 2014.

So as we prepare for 2014 be sure to follow us via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, even Pinterest, and of course this website as we gear up for next year’s Anime Blast Chattanooga!

Let us know what you thought of the con by filling out our Post-Anime Blast 2013 Survey!


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