50% Dangerous

50%DangerousJ-Entertainment Duo Vedetta Marie and ScatterDOTFashion Entertainment group 50% DANGEROUS is comprised of Vedetta Marie and ScatterDOT to bring to conventions a unique blend of high end entertainment. Vedetta Marie a professional cosplayer, Fashion designer and entertainer is invited across the country to put on events with conventions that put the fun and entertainment back into the attendees hands with a range of things from crafting panels with demos, and dance panels that get the entire room moving. ScatterDOT a fashion designer, photographer and entertainer round out the duo to create a true J-Entertainment group that runs fashion shows, interactive workshop panels, modeling workshops and up to the minute information on Japanese music and fashion. Together these two create 50% DANGEROUS, an entertainment team that works together to bring the highest level of entertainment they can to each convention they are invited to with one key purpose always at the forefront, attendee fun!

Gearing Up for Anime Blast Chattanooga 2015!

We’re excitedly prepping away for Anime Blast 2015! So check back soon for updates, details, recap photos from 2014, and more!

Anime Blast & MomoCon Present: Chattanooga Cosplayers on Ice!


MomoCon, Atlanta’s family friendly gaming and animation convention, and Anime Blast
Chattanooga, Chattanooga’s Anime Convention, will be hosting Cosplayers on Ice,  costumed ice skating event with all sorts of colorful characters, at Ice on the Landing for fun on and off the ice on Saturday.

The photoshoot is free, but skating costs $10 (including skate rental). All costume types are welcome, and there will be opportunities for photography around the area.

“Cosplayers on Ice, part of our MomoCon on Tour, gives a great opportunity for cosplayers to gather together and have some casual fun while still showing off their winter cosplay,” said MomoCon cochair and founder, Jess Merriman. “Everyone from Spiderman to Master Chief from Halo, to anime characters, to Batman comes out for the event.”

Cosplayers on Ice will start at 3 p.m. and continue to 6 p.m. In addition to photography and skating there will be door prizes given away.

MomoCon is one of the fastest growing conventions in the United States. This year the convention, held May 28-31, will be moving to the Georgia World Congress Center.  With roots in the world of Anime, MomoCon has expanding its programming in recent years to include all cartoons, gaming, and comic books. To find more information about MomoCon, visit their website at http://momoCon.com.

Anime Blast Chattanooga is an anime con based out of Chattanooga that started in 2011.  Since year one their goal has been to entertain, educate, and encourage the diverse array of fans in the area to band together and grow in their fandom. To find more information about Anime Blast Chattanooga, visit their website at http://animeblastchattanooga.com/.

Congrats to 2014 AMV Contest Winners!

Best Drama/Romance: Ardamaeus’s “Waking Summer Dream”

Best Action/Adventure: Johan’s “Gods and Monsters”

Best Comedy/Parody: Erickson Seng’s “Levi Got Pretty Boy Swag”

Judge’s Choice Award: Ardamaeus’s “Waking Summer Dream”

Best Overall: Erickson Seng’s “Levi Got Pretty Boy Swag”

2014 Panels

Here is a full list of all the panels for 2014!

Click here for 2014 schedule!

At-The-Door Registration Hours:

Friday 8AM-8PM

Saturday 8AM-8AM

Sunday 8AM – 1PM.

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Shattered Stitch Cosplay

Shattered Stitch Cosplay

Photographers info: Photo by Sean Gemmel Photography. Post work by Aelise B Davis

Alexis Montclaire, also know as Shattered Stitch Cosplay, is a Chattanooga local; an avid costumer and cosplayer with almost 15 years of fabrication and fashion experience. She became involved in cosplay through fan groups and con attendance after becoming a fashion model at 17. Encouraged by friends and family, Alexis has done cosplay from most genres of geekdom: video games, literature, fantasy movies, Star Wars, and was Nvidia’s prizewinner for their GeForce 6800 release with her portrayal as Nalu. She has been featured on the cover of BioGamer Girl magazine, won awards for her competitive cosplaying, given lectures and workshops across multiple cons, and through her modeling career has been featured on Vogue Italia online, Freque Magazine, and other publications in the South East. Alexis loves to share her fabrication and conceptual knowledge with fellow builders as well as discuss lore and theorycrafting (especially of the Warcraft universe) with fellow gaming fans!


A relative newcomer to cosplay, REIN arrived on the scene in late 2013. After seeing a simple prop tutorial he started the hobby and took home Best Prop at his first convention. Since then he’s been to several conventions and has done everything from armor to body paint for his costumes. As a licensed hairdresser, REIN is a representative of Paul Mitchell products and has a real knack for wig-work. Priding himself on utilizing quality materials and his profession as a hairdresser, REIN sets out to bring his favorite characters to life from beyond the screen or page. REIN learned everything he knows from other cosplayers, and definitely pays it forward!  The only thing he loves more than making costumes is telling others how they were made. His Instagram and Facebook are full of tutorials and he aims to recruit as many as he can into the same weird hobby he found himself in only last year. As a cosplayer, he has been to 8 conventions in 2014 alone and likes to bring everything he learns back with him. Whether it is props, wigs or just saying “Hi!” REIN does his best to make sure you walk away knowing something you didn’t know before.

Check him out at: www.facebook.com/REINcosplay

Costume Contest Rules

Anime Blast Chattanooga wants to honor the dedication fans put into bringing their favorite characters to life in our Costume Contest. We accept all genres of fandom from anime, movie, TV, videogame, etc., from both eastern and western origins. Read the rest of this entry

Help Bring GIS: Arise to Chattanooga

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‘Cosplay Reenactment Contest’ Winners

Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter our ‘Cosplay Reenactment Contest’! Now though is the moment you’ve been waiting for to see who will receive the 2 tickets for Lindsey Stirling’s concert 1 week from today at Track 29 in Chattanooga.

While it was indeed a tough decision our judges decided that the winners are Kassie L. (WonderDerp) and Vicky Z. (Ameizing Cosplay) with their Kuroko no Basuke photo! Congrats to you both and look for an e-mail soon with the tickets. Thanks again to everyone who entered this contest!



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