Chattanooga Cosplay on Ice!


Join Anime Blast Chattanooga and MomoCon once again for a Chattanooga cosplay spectacular at Ice on the Landing!

Who: Open to all
What: Ice Skating & Photoshoot
When: Saturday, Jan. 9th, 3pm-6pm
Where: Ice on the Landing
Costs: Photoshoot, free. The park charges a rink fee and a small skate rental fee, if you wish to skate.

MomoCon and Anime Blast will be once again invading Chattanooga for fun and skating! Door prizes will be given away, courtesy of MomoCon on Tour. A photographer will also be onsite to capture the days events. Cosplayers are asked to leave all weapon-props at home for this very-public event.

The photoshoot is free, but skating has a small fee. All costume types are welcome, and we will be taking many shots in and around the rink and the surrounding areas.

‘Ice on the Landing’ is located right beside Chattanooga’s Tennessee Aquarium and right off of Chattanooga’s historic Ross’ Landing. Adjacent to our downtown and the river alike, ‘Ice on the Landing’ is perfectly situated so you can take advantage of both what makes Chattanooga the Scenic City and the bustling downtown nightlife that keeps tourists coming back once the sun has set. Thanks to a larger rink this year as well there’ll be even more room for all participants to skate, mingle, and in general have a fantastic time!

Anime Blast Chattanooga is an anime con based out of Chattanooga, TN that started in 2011. Since year 1 our goal has been to entertain, educate, and encourage the diverse array of fans in the area to band together and grow in their fandom.

MomoCon in Atlanta, GA is one of the fastest growing all ages conventions in the country. Fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comics, Video Games, and Tabletop Games come together to celebrate their passion by costuming / cosplay, browsing the huge exhibitors hall, meeting celebrity voice talent, designers, and writers behind their favorite shows, games, and comics and much much more over this 4 day event.

*MomoCon and ABC are hosting the photoshoot, but the rink itself is available to any attendee wishing to pay the fee. Skating is at your own risk, and MomoCon/ABC will not be hosting any rentals or take responsibility for people or events on the ice rink.*

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DJ Codytron

DJ Codytron is an EDM DJ who specializes in Complextro, house music, and making everyone feel welcome. DJ Codytron mainly performs at anime conventions, and he is well versed in the anime and geek community. Cody is also one of the main directors for AkaiCon; an anime convention based in Nashville, TN.DJ Codytron

DJ Synaptic Flow

Synaptic Flow (Brian Foster) has been making electronic dance music and performing live for many years. He has released music on Diskatopia Records, Radical Turf, and Waveform Modulations. He started DJ’ing around 2008 and has entertained audiences at clubs, raves, anime conventions, as well as multi-fandom cons.DJ Synaptic Flow

Welcome Back “The Grilled Cheese Emergency Truck”!

The Grilled Cheese Emergency TruckWe’re excited to be hosting the award winning The Grilled Cheese Emergency food truck again this year! They’ll be serving up some great grilled cheese sandwiches! He will be set up across from the convention center next to the Marriott same place as last year.

The menu is as follows:
– Classic cheddar melt $4
– Hot ham and cheese $5
– Cajun chicken and cheddar $6
– Turkey cheddar and bacon with a sun dried tomato spread, red onion and romaine $7
– Smoked Gouda and bacon with strawberry preserves $7
– Tomato Basil Bisque soup $3

He will be selling on Friday starting at 5pm till late and Saturday 11am till late.

Resin Workshop

Check out our exciting new offering – resin workshop!resin-workshop

Jad Saxton

Jad SaxtonJad Saxton is a voice and stage actress, best known for her work with Funimation Entertainment in Wolf Children (Yuki), Michiko & Hachin (Hatchin), Fairy Tail (Carla), Last Exile: Fam The Silver Wing (Fam), Eureka Seven AO (Elena Peoples), Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar (Lashara Earth), Steins; Gate (Faris Nyannyan), Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (April), Is This a Zombie? (Haruna), and Shangri-La (Karin Ishida). Some of her other credits include: A Certain Scientific Railgun (Komoe), A Certain Magical Index (Komoe), Aria The Scarlet Amo (Reki), B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time (Mayu Miyano), Freezing (Arnett McMillan), Okami-san & Her Seven Companions (Mimi Usami), Ghost Hunt (Masako Hara), Baccano! (Eve Genoard), Strike Witches (Perrine-H Clostermann), and Soul Eater (Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupré).

When Jad isn’t lending her voice to anime, she can be seen on stage at various theaters throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth region as well as touring all over the U.S. For a full list of her work please visit

To keep up with Jad, please visit “Jad Saxton Voice Actress” on Facebook, AND “Jad Saxton” on Twitter

Leah Clark

Leah ClarkLeah Clark is a Random Force Of Nature working as a voice actress and script adapter for FUNimation Entertainment and voice artist for DuArt Films. She has also worked as a director for FUNimation as well as a stage actress in the Dallas-Ft Worth TX area.

Some of her most memorable voice roles include Nodoka in Negima; Suzuka in Suzuka; Rin in Toriko; Fuyuki in Sgt Frog; Blair in Soul Eater; Minatsuki in Deadman Wonderland; Saki in Eden of the East; Nora in Spice and Wolf; Minami in Baka and Test; Jiji in Princess Jellyfish; Noah in Full Metal Alchemist—Conqueror of Shamballa; Coby and Miss Doublefinger in One Piece; Paris in Shin Chan; Eri in School Rumble; Maron in Dragonball GT; Carlita in Pokemon the Movie: Black/White—Victini and Reshiram; and Maru in XXXHolic.

Other notable works include: Aria in Aria, the Scarlet Ammo; Homura/Kagari in Sekirei; Akane in Rumbling Hearts; Ruby in Rosario + Vampire; Tenhou in Oh! Edo Rocket; Akagawa/Red Ranger in Level E; Hikari in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (not) Advance; Miyabi in Freezing; Kagura in Ga Rei Zero; Miya Miya in Bamboo Blade; Doyle in Pokemon; and Mayu Otsuka in Darker Than Black.

Recently, Leah can be heard as Murmur in Future Diary; Yu in Guilty Crown; Giselle in Last Exile-Fam, the Silver Wing; as well as roles in Steins Gate, Wolf Children and Is This a Zombie?

She’ll next be found as Chiaya in The Rolling Girls, Vasilisa in a Certain Magical Index, Part II, Kanzaki in Assassination Classroom and Kyoko in Tokyo Ravens.

Some of Leah’s script works include Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt, Suzuka, Peach Girl, Sasami—Magical Girl Club, Baka and Test, Strike Witches, and her all-time favorite, B Gata H Kai/Yamada’s First Time.

As a Director, Leah has worked on Sasami—Magical Girl Club, Tower of Druaga, StrAIN, Case Closed (movies) Captured In Her Eyes and Countdown To Heaven, and Shuffle.

Leah is also a producer and co-host of The Red Wine Therapist podcast also featuring voice actress Jad Saxton. The show is an interactive open, raw, educational, and hilarious discussion of life, love, wine and (ahem) other stuff.

Leah would find it oh so magical and lovely if you would keep up with her on Twitter and Facebook—Leah Clark Actress Fanclub.

Leah Clark Actress Fanclub:

On Twitter:

On Twitter:

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